Fine Art Photography… an art in its own right

Many photographers choose to specialise in only one area of photography, so it might be surprising to find social and commercial photography hand in hand with fine art on our site. But are they really as different as chalk and cheese? and what exactly is fine art photography? Well, I guess the wikipedia definition is… Continue reading Fine Art Photography… an art in its own right

Advice for Brides

Getting married is one of the most important events of your life and you’ll want to have wonderful photographic memories of it for years to come. There is nothing to match the immediacy and spontaneity of a still photograph. It captures a fleeting moment in time, an expression, a detail that you can revisit time… Continue reading Advice for Brides

Footprints in the Snow

Just as we thought that winter was relinquishing its icy grip on the North West, it reared its head for perhaps a final time this year with a moderate fall of snow on the Pennines. Waking up on Easter Sunday to four inches of snow outside our house meant that there would be at least… Continue reading Footprints in the Snow

Fine Art Printing

Fine Art photographic printing took a major leap forward in the last few years with the introduction of high quality pigment ink printing. We upgraded to the HPB9180 printer last year and, hey, is it brilliant?! Low metamerism, low bronzing on gloss/lustre papers and bright saturated colour on matte and textured fine art papers make… Continue reading Fine Art Printing

That ****** flash

Did it again! I like to talk to my clients…have a laugh…make them feel comfortable…work quickly so they don’t get bored… But that ****** flash gets me every time. I’m working in their office …low light, bounced flash…off the ceiling so it doesn’t hurt their eyes…take a quick shot…talk and relax them a bit more…they… Continue reading That ****** flash

AFIAP – was it worth it?

The beginning of February was a landmark for us…after five years of international competition; we were both awarded the distinction of AFIAP – not one to share, but one each! It stands for (at least the English translation from the French) “Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art”.