Baby Bump Photography

Baby bump or maternity photography has become more fashionable over the years and can be seen as the first of a two part event…the second half being photographing the newly born and parents. The best time to photograph the bump is towards full term, but it’s always wise to plan for an earlier shoot “just in case”. Natural window light always works well and provides a very pleasing result. I ask the mother to bring a variety of outfits so we can ring the changes. Bumps can be photographed successfully as both high or low key…but I must admit I like the dark backgrounds and subtle detail, as in the shots below.

As part of our personal service we can use our editing techniques to smooth out your skin, hide stretch marks and disguise any unwanted blemishes. Not all expectant mothers want to undress for the shoot but we offer both options…also the option to include partner and any other children in the shoot.