Slide Shows to Music

There is an increasing tendency for wedding clients to buy a CD of images to accompany their album. This way, they can choose their favourite pictures for the wedding album but continue to share the wider selection of images that we supply, with family and friends, via the internet and by making slide shows. We give a discount on the full price of album and CD for couples wanting to do this, as we only have to process the images once.

A lovely way to share pictures is by setting them to your favourite music, so we are putting together some tips to help you to do this.

We are starting off by showing you how to make use of a superb piece of software that we use to produce many of our own slide-shows, to show your images with music on a computer or TV.

The software is called Pictures To Exe and is very inexpensive – it’s available from WnSoft.
For those who are not familiar with YouTube click on the second button from the right at the bottom of the player to make it full screen (see inset).
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Pictures To Exe Basics:

Part One

Part Two

How to use Pan and Zoom in PTE:

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