Networking is an odd pastime, where diverse people meet at strange times and attack each other with business cards. Each trying to foist upon another stranger services that neither party has any interest in might seem to be a waste of time but… …It is considered by many to be the most cost effective method… Continue reading Networking

New Fine Art Shop – Zen to Magento

Some of you will have noticed we have been operating a Fine Art Print Store for a little while.  Our current version is based on the Open Source, osCommerce spin off, Zen-Cart.This is a mature and sophisticated platform and offers a method of integrating with Gallery 2, which we use for our Client Galleries. The… Continue reading New Fine Art Shop – Zen to Magento

HP rules OK!

Hewlett Packard were top of my customer services list last week. My B9180 printer sprang a nasty surprise when it spat out a couple of its tiny pizza wheels a few weeks ago. That didn’t stop it making prints, but we decided to contact HP before the warranty runs out in August. A quick phone… Continue reading HP rules OK!

Fine Art Photography… an art in its own right

Many photographers choose to specialise in only one area of photography, so it might be surprising to find social and commercial photography hand in hand with fine art on our site. But are they really as different as chalk and cheese? and what exactly is fine art photography? Well, I guess the wikipedia definition is… Continue reading Fine Art Photography… an art in its own right

Footprints in the Snow

Just as we thought that winter was relinquishing its icy grip on the North West, it reared its head for perhaps a final time this year with a moderate fall of snow on the Pennines. Waking up on Easter Sunday to four inches of snow outside our house meant that there would be at least… Continue reading Footprints in the Snow

AFIAP – was it worth it?

The beginning of February was a landmark for us…after five years of international competition; we were both awarded the distinction of AFIAP – not one to share, but one each! It stands for (at least the English translation from the French) “Artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art”.

Hello world!

Welcome to our new blog. Easiest install I have ever done

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