HP rules OK!

Hewlett Packard were top of my customer services list last week. My B9180 printer sprang a nasty surprise when it spat out a couple of its tiny pizza wheels a few weeks ago. That didn’t stop it making prints, but we decided to contact HP before the warranty runs out in August. A quick phone call to the call centre somewhere in the Asian continent brought forth the question…”can you fax your receipt?”…yes we did that…they called back a day or two later with the question “do you have a digital camera”…..which we thought was a bit odd. The reply being in the affirmative, we were asked to photograph the damage and email the pictures. That duly done, another phone call told us to expect a new printer being delivered within a few days.

A couple of days later a courier arrived with the said new printer…minus print heads (we were asked to re-use our own) but sporting a full set of cartridges. Since mine were about to peg out, that was very welcome. The old cartridges went into the new printer and, yes, there was a certain amount of wastage of ink while the printer went through it’s initiation cycle and calibration process, but I still have 8 new cartridges on the dining room table. I presume they are full (I hope so) in which case, that would be worth about £150. The old printer was collected a few days later. That is service!

Yesterday, the HP scanner failed catastrophically…unfortunately it’s out of warranty. 🙁