Wartime Weekend Washout

It was a great shame that Saddleworth Wartime Weekend was such a washout this year. It has grown into a major event in the village and, with new organisers, extra attractions had been added for families with children to enjoy. But torrential rain showers on both Saturday and Sunday turned Churchill playing fields into a mud bath and the battle re-enactment that had been planned for Sunday afternoon had to be cancelled by the safety marshalls.

I donned hiking boots and waterproof (even a camouflage waterproof jacket for my camera and lens) and we set off between the heavy showers. The event has blossomed from the Yanks event of the last few years and this year there seemed to be even more vehicles in the parade than ever. The convoy was led off by veterans and the British Legion Pipe Band and was applauded by crowds of visitors.

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When we arrived at the campsite/battleground (Churchill Fields) the extent of the rain damage became obvious. Children waded through puddles and Pearl Harbor nurses picked their way gingerly across the muddy grass in their high heeled shoes. The military vehicles negotiated the soft ground easily, but one saloon car had become totally bogged down in the mud.

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