Christine’s EFIAP Award

Christine has been awarded the Excellence Award of the International Federation of Photographic Art. Her FIAP dossier included 343 international salon acceptances with 99 different images in 57 different salons and 21 different countries with 33 international awards. Additionally a panel of 10 prints was submitted.

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From FIAP’s web site:

“FIAP is constituted by the national federations of the different countries, at a rate of one federation per nation or of one national society able to be accepted as representative for its country. All considerations of a political, ideological or religious order are absolutely banned from the activities of FIAP. The statutes evoke also the four aims to strive for:  1) of moral order, by creating, under the banner of photography, brotherhood links and friendly relations between the affiliated federations and by supporting the development of friendship between people with a view to strengthening the peace in the world  2) of material order, by strengthening the defence of the regular interests of the affiliated federations, by coordinating their efforts in the intention to reach some particular advantage 3) of scientific and artistic order, by helping the spread of photographic knowledge, by developing artistic qualities, particularly through exhibitions and travelling portfolios 4) of national and international order, by ensuring before the public authorities and the high authorities that govern the world, the representation of the photographic movement intending to give to the photographic art the place it deserves.

French is proclaimed first official language of FIAP, but official texts are translated in English and German.”

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