Whitby Gothic Weekend

A visit to the spring 2010 Whitby Goths Festival almost back-fired. We dressed gothic and ended up posing for everyone else…but did manage to get in a few shots of our own. We arrived on the Saturday and were pleased and relieved that the recent cold weather had changed to warm sunshine. Finding a parking place in Whitby during the fesival is a bit of a problem but we eventually found ourselves a spot about half a mile north of the town. As we walked along the cliff top towards the whalebones, we encountered more and more curiously dressed people, from steam punk and lolly to emo, romantic, hippy and Victorian…anything goes so long as it’s weird and preferably with a corset (worn on top not as as under-garment). No-one seemed to bat an eyelid as we walked along, so perhaps we looked weird enough too.

Descending the steps towards the harbour I was pleased that I was wearing comfy boots as it was clear I was going to be on my feet all day. Everywhere and anywhere that had a place to sit was already occupied…I turned my attention to the crowds, trying to pick out some of the most interesting characters to photograph. It was at this point that the lovely bright warm sunshine became a curse….bright sunlight and photography don’t always go well together….bright sunlight means harsh shadows and this was not at all what I was looking for…gothic photos need atmosphere…on that Saturday afternoon there was none!

On the Sunday we rose before dawn…as people who know me will confirm, I am not naturally a dawn person…and the dawn on Sunday was very very cold. Arriving in the town, we saw a young goth staggering back to her hotel, presumably after a really good night out! When we reached the pier, I was disappointed to see that two photographers (from Northumberland it turned out) had beaten me to it and were standing in just the place I wanted to photograph, with their tripods firmly planted and most definitely not inclined to move. Still, they were nice chaps and we stood together chatting until I had turned blue with cold and the dawn had fizzled out like a damp squib (I never saw a damp squib but that’s what they tell me it was like).

However, from then on, our day just got better and by lunchtime I was well and truly hooked on gothic and determined to go back for a longer stay next time.

Here are just a few shots from the occasion…

Forgot to say…I edited them a bit! and BTW, the scary looking chap bottom left is Mike, but I promise he doesn’t look like that when we’re photographing weddings (unless you’re having a gothic wedding that is).






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  1. Benin avatar

    Hadn’t been to Whitby in years. I was going to drop by there last week, but decided not to because of some problem with a bridge there. Can you still get coffin cake in the tea shop there?